1. anatomyscientist

    I need to insert my tongue inside her turd cutter, for science.

  2. Francis

    Yes, please!

  3. Ronaldo

    That is just beautiful.

  4. cc

    I am greatly indebted to the photographer who took this pic.

  5. CocoPOOF

    Butter face. Search the web.

    • Just because a woman doesn’t get your dick hard because she looks just like your mother, then she is automatically a butter face? No. Not even. (Don’t sweat it. Your mother doesn’t make anyone’s dick hard.)

    • God sent his only son to walk among us and to save us. While Jesus was here he invented the paper bag and doggie style, just for us men so we don’t have to suffer.

      So instead of hating on the butterface, be grateful of the tools and techniques we have. Thanks to the carpenter’s son that is.

  6. BFFInder


  7. AllenGT

    Margarine Face.

  8. Rasputin

    With that ass i dont care if she has a face

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