1. bassackwards

    Just look at him….that’s the look only a mother could love….. and maybe the 35 guys down in D-Block who are just waitin to get out of solitary!

  2. barbosa

    That’s some gawdy jewelery. Only an egocentric douchbag would wear that.

  3. mr_spelling

    Hey dude\ Whoever wrote this/ Fire your proofreaders /You got a typo in the headline

  4. Danwell

    Um, anyone notice the guy in the background in the platform shoes, hat, & fruit shirt. nice

  5. Kanye tries to look badass on the outside, but In every photo like this, there is ALWAYS a white dude in the background, saying how Kanye really is on the inside via his ensemble.

  6. Misana

    I’m looking at the person in the back, with the shoes…lol

  7. Mr. Honest

    Hard to look gangsta when a guy dressed like that is standing right behind you.

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