1. He looked happier to see Jay-Z. That’s pretty sad for Kim. I’m not a big fan of hers or anything. But being pregnant is rough as it is. Let alone having the father in another country and every news outlet reporting on how fat you’ve gotten. I wouldn’t wish that on any pregnant woman.

  2. Goldie

    At least Kim is really pregnant and didn’t fake it like Beyonce!!!!I I think she looks beautiful, and if Kanye didn’t want to be with her he wouldn’t be!
    They look sooooo happy together and she has helped him get over the lose of his mother
    They are very lucky to have each other and they are going to have a beautiful family together!!
    Kims baby will really come out of her stomach!!! good for her!!!!
    Beyonce is so fake!!! and full of her self!!

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