1. John

    duck face

  2. Ned

    I saw a movie with this woman once! Get this, she puts penises in her vagina area! Oh my goodness. That’s nutty.

  3. Jessica

    That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard, she needed to be promised a boob job to keep her career alive.

  4. Steve


  5. miss

    I seriously hate this girls face. It’s so bad.

  6. I’d make that face, too, if I had to have sex with Charlie Sheen.

  7. Thunder

    Saw her original on a website alsscan. Not a bad looking girl. terrible, terrible Nose

  8. cheryl

    you know how they say you can judge a guy’s size, by the size of his hands? I think that works with a woman’s nose. This woman’s twat is HUGE. She has a nice toned body, but that thing looks like it’s swoled to about 3 times its actual size.

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