1. Robin

    Her rack looks great though, a lot better than Lee Ann (Crypt Keeper) Rimes.

  2. aznative

    holy smokes….she looks way different, and not in a good way…she looks tired and like she’s been crying! this is what abuse of plastic surgery can do, use it very very moderately and only when you really need it, what a sad choice jwoww made…

  3. qwerty

    I see no difference whatsoever cause I have no idea what her face looked like before


    her lips and teeth were done …
    completely diff’..
    lotsa botox & silicone funbags which she admitted to …

  5. New face?! Looks like she cut it off a dead hooker.

  6. Guest

    What a shame! She actually had a really pretty face before. So sad how everyone is so insecure.

  7. barbosa

    Her face looks it’s stuck in that clown-like grimace in every picture; way too much botox.

  8. Guest

    It looks as though Heidi Montag got into a fight with spray tanner.

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