1. Grinder

    These photos are almost bearable

  2. RantingOne

    Eh…still a wop hag I’d like to kick in the cunt.

    • Glenn

      I thought she was Irish and Mexican?

      • katie

        ya shes irish. her last name is farley it doesnt get anymore irish than that

      • Ronan

        26 year old Irish person here, don’t know a single Farley. Probably a Scottish surname, in any case stop blaming your degenerates on us. She’s all yours.

    • Drew

      “I’m Irish, but I don’t personally know anyone named Farley which must mean that she can’t be Irish”

      Doesn’t get any more retarded than that, Ronan.

      • Roe

        The name Farley in Ireland is of English origin and was occasionally adopted by members of the native Gaelic O’Fearghaile Sept of Counties Cavan and Longford instead of the more usual Farrell or Farrelly. Farley is today still found in County Cavan but together with its variants is quite widespread.

  3. She appears decent in this shot. And I must admit the legs look fantastic.
    Perhaps this evening’s reefer was sprayed down with some sort of pesticide that affects my eyesight.

  4. lalalalaaaaaaaa

    i love Jwowww. fuck Sammi!

  5. Normal Male

    I feel bad for the production artist that has to work at retouching that ugly mug in Photoshop. Big fake tits, big deal. We’ve seen a million of ‘em in Playboy through the years. Hef’s standards have definitely fallen. His sons should put the old man out to pasture before there’s nothing left for them to inherit.

  6. Chris

    Yeah, I bet that “ugly mug” is photoshopped in these pictures as well? Chances are you are either a meathead or one of those morons that wears flannels with hip catchphrases on them. I’m leaning towards the latter.

    She has a fucking great body and is good looking, much better than Snookie. I’m down.

  7. andrew

    like to do her anal

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