1. YourGodBowsToMe

    Jesus, how many drinks does she need to wash down a Plan B?

  2. Lunch

    Nice tits, fatass

  3. Paul

    She naming the kid Cum Shot or Jizz Wad?

  4. KiKi

    All you haters must hate the fact that Snookie can do as she please’s & the world is watching & a part of it….you guy’s are “Closet Fans” Don’t you wish you had her $$$$$$$$$? LOL

  5. stacy

    No makeup. A plus for her and big tits. Another plus. Best of all…no sound.

  6. arnieblackblack

    Big tits, loves cock and has big tits. Also she has quite large tits too. wntl?

  7. BC

    They’re fake, right? ’cause I’m having some very confusing feelings right now.

  8. Juhoh

    Those are not fake! pregnancy usually means bigger boobs… I feel sorry for snooki! Its going to be hard to be happy around a bunch of partiers I mean its written all over her face! I am sure she will say she is sooo happy! But… its life and she happened to be on tv but atleast she got lots of money right?? I dont know if she would really think that if truth be told. People should give her some encouragment for going through with the pregnancy when now days it seems people are ok with abortions! Snooki I do pray that everything will go well with you! I had a unexpected pregnancy myself and I cant imagine having to be all over the tv during that times. God bless!

  9. Considering she’s as tall as a fire hydrant, in human-like scale those knockers are like an aircraft carrier in a swimming pool.

  10. DeEkEr

    Booze has been the source of every major fight, fark up, and meltdown on the show. Let’s hope she’s wised up a little and isn’t pickling that baby in her tummy with the same freakish stupidity that she and the rest of the Shore cast pursued drunken stupor every week.

  11. snooki lover

    i really think she is really dam hot i wanna kiss her face then make my way to her breasts then to her pussy omg i wanna make her so wet down there i wanna lick that dam pussy clean go snooki i love you baby heres my number 3067300385- 7283067 please send me a text i will answer you back

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