1. lk

    hopefully she’ll be able to capitalize on her 15 minutes a little better then the other fucksticks, looks like she’s doing a great job so far

  2. King Billy

    I certainly would smash her back doors in!

  3. Joe

    The ads work. After looking at this nasty skank, I need a drink.

  4. Tim

    shes not even sexy at all, shes like 40 pretending to be 23

  5. Guy Smiley

    the future of cleavage is fake and used by many?! kill me now, then

  6. Lisa

    She needs to leave her face alone- starting to look like Octomom!!

  7. Sophie

    She’s admitted to the boob job, now she needs to admit to the face lift. She’s cleaaarly had work done on that face of hers.

  8. You too, can now smell like cunt.

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