1. johnny

    why do i have an irresistible craving for salami?

  2. Juiol

    What the hell is that by her side, and why does it have a Diana around its neck?

  3. ravn

    all I can say is: o_O …and that is not my facial expression.

  4. juggernaut

    hahaha! they do look disproportional. plus, she looks disgusting without makeup. for some reason i thought she had green eyes(i prefer blue), but she has brown eyes. she’s definitely not my type, but i just got off to CARLI BANKS and my “horny goggles” are definitely off and i can’t believe i thought she was sexy. from now on, i have to judge “attractive” girls as they are without make up before i consider them “attractive”. she resembles a cockroach, lol. i’m not saying my penis doesn’t like the occasional fake breasted slut, but the last time i found pamela anderson hot was around the time she did barb wire and before i found out she had HEPATITUS C! it’s beyond me how kid rock and whoever else would want to get with her after knowing she had an incurable disease, but hey, they really aren’t important or smart. this girl is definitely one night stand material and i actually thought she’d make a decent girlfriend, not long term, but something to play with. NOT ANYMORE! lol. let’s see: she has 2 yapper dogs( i love dogs, but any dog that’s small, never stops barking and has a weird looking face(excluding pugs and dachshunds) I HATE! i love dogs, like labs, rottweilers, pitts, but the chihuahuas, pomeranians and terriers are worthless and some of the dumbest animals. i wish i could wipe them all out. anyway, she has 2 of these fu..ers, she has uneven breasts, she has a weird looking face, she’s italian(haha, joking, lol), she has messed up/damaged hair, she smokes and something else. what are her good qualities(non sexual ones)? can’t think of any, lol. i guess i won’t be trying to watch jersey beach anymore.

  5. M

    What the hell is that thing standing next to her???

  6. angry beaver

    Is that Pink she’s with? I didn’t know she was banging famous dudes now. Good for the little gremlin.

  7. Phil

    I think she should be called JWoOw … or JWHATTHEFUCK?

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