1. ARGH

    Hit it, I would.

  2. The Greatness

    Anyone smell burnt leather?

  3. The Man


  4. What’s the opposite of butterface? If she wasn’t so nasty, buttery, fake boobed, burnt jerky, she’d be so effing cute.

  5. Laura

    1) I think she’s my age (24 or 25), and she has DEFINITELY had a tummy tuck. She has a post-pregnancy, post- tummy-tuck, mommy tummy. That would depress me.

    2) She also has the same ugly earlobes as me :(
    But hers are even worse; the look like old man earlobes, all saggy and big. Thats all I can notice when I look at pictures of her!

  6. cc

    “Hmmmm, that’s quite the pubic mound I’ve got there.’

  7. StephanieBrown

    OMG TILA TEQUILA in Miami!!!!

  8. ashraf hossain(kajol)

    i fauking you my all sexy gril..

  9. ashraf hossain(kajol)

    hi sexy gril your all body so nice…i fauking me

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