1. H

    They look like a pair of lesbians.

  2. TomBrady

    Psssst… Do you know how to work a clip-on bowtie?

  3. LoneStar

    Ugh. Why is the Teen Choice Awards even news? Kids don’t know shit about shit. Fast Five was the best action movie? Ellen Degeneres is the best comedian?

    I hope that when I have kids they scoff at and beat up the type of kids who voted for this shit.

  4. CC

    Is it just me, or do they both look like they’re 11 or 12 years old (especially Bieber)?

  5. renee

    why does her head look GIANT?

  6. KC

    Midget lesbians need love, too.

  7. Raaaaaaaa

    someone has had her cheekbones masterfully sculpted and contoured with blush, and so has Selena…

  8. I Mean... What?!?

    Is it me or does Selena Gomez look like a cougar in a bad bathing suit cover-up next to Justin Beiber?

  9. justin beiber look guy he is guy i don’t kown why selena gomez like him ewww

  10. Kelsey

    Justin Bieber is Hot, Succesful, talented, giving, caring, sweet, plus way more…that would be why selena is with him…duh so stop hating on him and GTFO

  11. jodi carelse

    stop it, u girls will never get justin,so stop bleming selena gomez

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