1. Courtkney

    She’s a little chunky for a VS model

    • TitsMcGee

      Oh, you mean she actually looks like, ya know, a woman? I’m pretty sure that I prefer this over a sack of cigarette-smoked bones.

  2. Those boots and gloves are like a tractor beam. She’s on my Christmas list. And I’d like to think the fact that I can overlook the Bieb association means that I’ve grown as a person.

  3. There’s some unfortunate squashing of her thighs happening with those boots there.

  4. She was born in 1993… I feel old.

  5. One eye looks bigger than the other and there is something funky going on with her mouth. I need to learn not to zoom sometimes.

  6. Mar

    I’m all about a healthy figure….but VC went from a negative 0 to a 8 or 10 (size wise). Those thighs would be nice if they were muscle. She will smash him in bed!

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