1. socko


  2. popwilleatitself

    Does he beat him with his purple shoe?

  3. Me

    What the hell is he wearing? LOL..on the shoe comment thought the same thing. Money doesn’t buy class for sure!

  4. Ana

    What. The. FUCK is he wearing?

  5. jmo

    he’s wearing chachi pants.

  6. Bubbles Mcgee

    exactly where on earth is his other shoe? I am guessing up his ass like everything else?

  7. I don’t care why that paparazzo decided to look fearful, but he’ll go down as a life long pussy.

  8. Ray Sister

    Someone shorter that Madge Bieber? South Americans and especially Mexicans, take a fucking vitamin once in a while. My 7 year old shouldn’t be as tall as your fence jumpin’ asses.

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