1. cracker

    he gonna tap that (again) …

  2. The Voice of Reason

    IDK what the big deal is with him grabbing her ass. She has no ass to grab.

  3. The Voice of Reason

    If I ever want to get mad real quick, I just look at this pic. Instantly makes me want to kill something.

  4. boy this crazy do she have a ass

  5. jlo

    She should not be doing that so young and especially so public. He is a baby. Gomez is a role model to young girls everywhere and needs to behave so in public. What she does in private is her biz.

    • Kelsey

      This techiqually was supposed to be private…its a private beach…but paps get everywhere…and as for the age shes now r doing way worse…way younger..its sickening

  6. Jewel

    man she is not hot she still dose not have a ass

  7. jodi carelse

    yes she do have a ass nd who say she dont mayb u dont have a ass

  8. selena gomez

    i love to have sex with justin bieber!!!

  9. Shubham Parashar

    because u are a sexy……..

  10. Bieberwannabe

    our part is even worse, we’re feeding this two assholes with this. kill them and burn the bodies!!

  11. Justin Bieber

    Selena’s got the best ass-hole, so tight, soooo fucking tight. And her pussy is like willy wonka’s factory, DELICIOUS!!

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