1. eatme

    …straight up, this mega-hot, no-talent bitch is using the bieber to further her career

  2. SIN

    It os the other way around. Selena has a soild acting career while Bieber’s 15 miutes hopefully are up soon.

    • Kelsey

      your so dreaming…his 15 minutes..will be a lifetime in the spotlight…hence his millions of fans..his many awards and achievements…seriously stop hating!

  3. Alexandrov Fedoseev

    She shouldn’t use those UV lights in her concerts without having cleaned all the semen under the armpits region.

  4. D-chi

    Her top sparkles more than a Cullen at the beach.

  5. jodi carelse

    selena gomez is amazing nd she nd justin bieber is a amazing couple, nd they must stay together 4 eva,love u guys 2 da max!!!!!!!

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