1. eatme

    omg i just dies laughing

  2. He’s about to beat the fuck out of someone!

  3. Look at how low that asshole’s pants are. Do you think you can fight a fully grown man with your pants hanging off your ass? Even if you were a physical match for him, those pants:

    1) Will restrict the movement of your legs
    2) At the first sudden move you make they’ll most likely fall to your ankles.

    What a jackass. He needs to get the shit kicked out of him like Shia LeBeouf did a while back.

  4. I have never, EVER laughed harder at a picture on this site.

    It really is hard getting a toddler into his seat. And you just know the second you get the fifty belts and clips finished he’s gonna say he has to go pee pee.

  5. henry hill

    “Unh, Brian Urlacher put girlie boy back in his booster chair, now.”

  6. Racheee

    Come here you big boy! I think it’s time to change someone’s nappy!

  7. “I’m strong. I can fight. I can KICK!”

  8. child please

    jumps in casket and slams lid shut. i’m dead already. i couldn’t survive the hilarity of this pic and that post.

  9. Turd Fergusson

    One handed too. Is that Beeb’s water and cell in his other hand?

  10. marosi

    if that’s not a picture of a retarded midget i’m a monkey’s uncle.

  11. I oughta busk you right in the mush.

  12. Aw….somebody’s cwanky! Did the pap steal his “binky”?

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