1. Nigel Bennett

    I hate bieber but it went better than your blurb. It was at a Winnipeg Jets Game not Canadian (look at the jersey)

  2. papastryfe

    Penalty for high-sticking while IN the box: the birth of another maple christ.

  3. mnsuperbee

    Selena Gomez was in “Boy’s Don’t Cry”?

  4. Maloof

    You didn’t spell Canadiens right, and that’s not even the right team. Hire a straight guy to write about sports please.

  5. sal

    hockey is a real sport? I thought they just invented it for that might ducks movie like rollerball, or futuresport

  6. Maria

    Oh, Justin! She squealed, You naughty boy! You promised to keep your pants up and my skirt down!

  7. Vandinz

    FUCK YEAH! Lesbians RULE!

  8. The Pope

    “I’m 6, you’re 9. Get it? Oh you will. You will.”

  9. Jenn

    Anyone notice that his jersery’s a 6 and hers is a 9..? Naughty lesbians.

  10. ArtGirl

    He looks like a female elementary school principal. A pearl earring? Really??

  11. we're all doomed

    Please remain in your country of Canada. Do not ever come back to the US. I wish they would deny him entry into the US. This kid is so annoying.

  12. The Brown Streak

    You notice how Bieber has her labeled as the Alternate?

  13. Manowl

    “Yikes! Are you sure that’s maple syrup?”

  14. WhateverYouSay

    The older Beiber gets, the more he looks like a 37 year old lesbian.

  15. mina

    ses fou comeme la forse de l amour il a 17ANS ET ELLE 19 deux ans de difference(inpeu ridicule mais “il s aime”enfin en l air)

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