1. Taco McSmacko

    It really looks like they just let anyone into that place, must have had a buffet!

  2. Looks like he’s about to get a quick tug.

  3. Cock Dr

    She is SUCH a good beard. Look at that technique; look at that dedication.

    • The Most Interesting

      Selena Gomez’s hand on the inside of his thigh, and no tent pitched by a teenage boy?


  4. Alex

    Nah. That’s a classic guy look: “I’m getting la-la-la-la-laid tonight!” Nothing puts ladies in the mood faster than a theater. Well, maybe Skarsgard. But that’s it.

  5. mcdoubler

    Nice photobomb by that one will smith kid

  6. whaa...

    the woman in the background with her eyes closed “pretend you’re somewhere else, it’ll be over soon”.

  7. Venom

    Best beard ever in Hollywood.

  8. Maloney

    How did Big Boots over there get in the kids section?

  9. Marley

    This makes the AMA’s look so awkward, and not a lot of fun to go to. No wonder there’s always a few certain people who show up to awards shows drunk. It seems like one of those mandatory assemblies you had to go to in middle/high school.

  10. Honkey

    Where do all the babysitters sit?

  11. smd

    by far the ugliest suit I have ever seen. This kid needs to hire a stylist cuz what he’s doing isn’t working.

  12. The Maple Christ rocked a velvet tux and brought the Feed the Children girl he sponsors each month.

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