1. me

    they look like a lesbian couple, girly and not so manly

  2. Plurp

    So this kids handlers couldn’t find him a suit that fits and a real bow tie? And who did his hair?

  3. K-tron

    My god- he can’t even wear a clip-on tie properly!

  4. Tricky_Fish

    Justin’s looking a little puffy around the middle.
    I’m waiting for the inevitable pregnancy rumours because, as we all know, he has a vagina.

    Is it too early to suggest the baby is Usher’s?

  5. Mickey01232000

    When Justin Beiber is done with this tux he can donate it to a gas station where they can get a starving artist to frame it and paint a picture of Elvis on the beautiful crushed velvet.

  6. How much velvet was crushed to death to make his “suit”, its disgusting! the suit not the crushing of velvet :P

  7. BAHAH

    What is Selena doing with a douche like this? I’m a girl but I’d rather slit my throat than make relations with Beiber.

  8. argleblargle

    Is that a ZIPPER on his suit jacket? Are buttons too hard for him? I bet his shoes are velcro, or maybe just slip on.

  9. Honkey

    Hugh Hefner wants his tuxedo back.

  10. huezu

    How come there’s a lesbian transvestite standing next to selena gomez and why is it wearing a tuxedo?

  11. Beth

    When did Don Knotts come back from the dead?

  12. Elle

    So are pre-pubescent boys going to start rocking THIS do now?

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