1. SexJihaad

    Use the mirrors, douche.

  2. sminkypinky

    Nope, mirrors first then the over the shoulder look. It will save your life.

  3. redsonja1313

    well lets see how many errors in judgement we can spy

    no gloves
    no jacket
    no elbow or knee protection
    shitty shoes that offer no ankle protection
    laces that are to long and can get caught in chain etc
    too many Cc for his riding ability
    no spine protection
    visor up no eye protection
    riding on his heels and not the balls of his feet
    but hey he bought a good helmet his face will look great in the casket–sadly the concrete will rearrange the rest

  4. Frank

    Is this the T-Mobile girl riding around?

  5. Rubes

    Zero protection on a Ducati Superbike…excellent! I hope his organs will go to far more deserving dying teenage girl.

  6. blorb

    redsonja1313: actually, his helmet is not strapped on, so it will roll away while his face is rearranged.

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