1. forget the sleeves! who let his fucking hairdresser in there?

  2. Jaycee

    It’s time to deport that talentless fuck.

  3. Cam

    Ice Ice baby..

  4. Kane Creole

    What’s up with his lip? It looks messed up, and in the other CCTV pic too.

    How sweet would it be if it wound up that someone had tuned him up a little between the mugshot pic and this one? Daaaaang…

    • Some one did and you are talking to him. He started shit talking in the shower. He drop the soap and did a baseball catching stanace but he forgot to do one thing keep his mouth shut and in my 12inch fully erect went. All the other inmates in the shower was saying yes you like that don’t you pretty boy. He tried to get away but another inmate push him foward with his hand. He was actly getting turn on because his dick was getting bigger. I release to soon he had no problem sallowing the 8th cum but the 9th I think got some air and he had trouble because he kept his mouth shut after that. But about a hour after he left two hour after that someone bail me out. Now that I think about it could of it been him. I’ve been getting these wierd phone number and it maybe his.

  5. Isaac Levy

    He slept in the cell with four Mike Tyson clones.

  6. Throb the Wonder Bull

    It will NOT be ‘hair product’ keepin’ his hair STIFF if he went to general population !

    You know, tons of cum from all the inmates bangin’ him.

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