1. The Royal Penis

    So even hot model chicks can look more manly that Bieber?

    How sad.

  2. Inner Retard

    The only “boy” in the universe who instead of looking at her tits thinks: Ah, cool! Bicycle handles. Could I sit in the basket?

  3. “Where’s the little bell ringy thing?”

  4. Natty Ice

    “I get to steer! Sweet! Selena always makes me ride on the handlebars…”

  5. USDA Prime McBeef

    She’s got that handlebar contraption on backwards.

  6. carmelworm

    Don’t puke on her.

  7. jc

    ..right!……..he actually believes this is going to make us think he likes girls?….

  8. Foresittend

    It’s funny that she’s a slim & fit model, yet her tights are still bigger then the 18-years old young man. It says a lot about that “man”.

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