1. I’ve seen that smile. It’s the smile hot chicks give little kids who stare longingly at the grown-up ladies who are so preeeeetty. “Aw, you’re so cute,” they think to themselves. “Maybe one day you’ll get big and strong.”

  2. Tron

    Dear Victoria Secret – Never, and I mean never…have a dude on the same stage as the models. I will forward directions of funeral service for my dead boner, at a later time. Yours Truly – Limpy McBiscuit

  3. And silver fingerless gloves aren’t gay at all

  4. Shoebacca

    Why is she wearing the tragedy that is harem pants circa 1990?

  5. Despite all the absurd outfits she has ever had to wear; the constant dieting and occasional purging; the flights all over the world reducing her personal relationships to the level of depth involved in your average facebook status update; that face she’s making tells me this is the first moment shes looked at her life and thought,”What the Fuck am I doing?”

  6. MarkCA

    This proves that Justin Bieber is, an eighteen year old male.

  7. BSName

    This seriously is fashion? Look objectively at what they are both wearing and then try to hold back the laughter.

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