1. Cock Dr

    I challenge anyone to determine the gender.

  2. I love the look on her face. It’s the look of a woman who is regretting having kids.

  3. Eric

    What’s the prank in this? See how far you can push those in your family, that want your money, before they comment?

    He totally reminds me of Hillary Swank in Boy’s Don’t Cry…

  4. OK. It is cute when you are two years-old to walk around while naked with a guitar. When you are past the age of five, it is just fucked!

  5. Robot Pilot

    Justin knows how to play the guitar?
    I thought the only thing Justin knew how to play with was his training-bra.

  6. Alexis

    Justin beiber is nice but why play naked for his grandmother. What an ass hole

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