1. Russell Brand

    “I’ve always wanted to be with 2 women at the same time.”

  2. Jess


  3. abbey

    haha look at that smirk
    “attention haters of the world.. i own you.. kneel before me..”

  4. Danno

    Normally I’d deem this post a skimmer but then I noticed Katy’s INTENSE burning focus on little beiber. Attempting to ignite Justin’s heart and soul afire, Katers? I don’t think he’s much for the boobies nor your attempts to sustain a fews seconds of “though I know you crave my womenly caress, the fates simply won’t allow me to pluck your delicate flower” eyeballin’. He’s all, “You’re old.”

  5. Jazzy

    Justin Bieber discusts me :(

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