1. Bob

    I think Biebs got lost and ended up on the wrong yacht. Judging by average girth, this is clearly the “People of Walmart” reunion cruise.

  2. CrashHell

    You may have muscles and sleeve tats, but you guard Justin Beiber…my neighbor’s Chuihuaha is harder than you.

  3. Asshole in the Heat jersey is trying to stare down a helicopter. Clearly shares his boss’ intellect.

  4. buzz

    JB and Selena have a lot of fat ass “friends”.

  5. I'ddothat

    Bitches with huge asses & stupid guys texting… WHAT EXACTLY is it that I’m supposed to impressed with? So far, I don’t see it.

  6. RichPort

    #6 there is pissed because now all of his friends know he’s not really an assassin or bouncer at a mob joint… he bodyguards Justin fucking Beiber and a bunch of … hey bartender, how about another vinegar and water for my friend here…

  7. JC

    Rupert Murdoch’s crew has managed to hack the cell phone of the woman in the black dress, front and center. Her text was the following:
    “Aggh! Buh-kah. Teedee Jedi! Teedee Jedi! Oowaaaaaaaaygh! Toota oolya! Bah! Pwegh! Pwegh! Oolyambwooba! Yahn Chass Solo chung!”

  8. How the hell is this boat staying afloat?

  9. WTFbiebs

    Bieber is truly dumber than any of us could have imagined if he’s risking his thing with Gomez for any of those girls. Let’s just call them “average–at best.” fuckwit canadian toolbag. thanks a lot canadia! you know the whole world thinks he’s “ours.” like america’s global rep wasn’t bad enough!

  10. “Hey yo fat girl, c’mere-are ya ticklish? Yeah, I called ya fat. Look at me, I’m skinny.”

  11. Wow. And they’re all holding onto their smart phones for dear life.

    Get a fucking life you douche bags.

    More to life than constantly checking your Twitter account. NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU…

  12. kosherkush

    whole lotta douche

  13. Hercules

    The smaller guy in the Heat shirt is trying to act all hard because he knows he’s second rate with more fat than muscle. Look at his arms, what does he lift once a month if that.

    I guarantee that that guy in the blue next to him benches a hundred pounds or more than him.

    It’s pretenders like the one in the Heat shirt that usually cause problems, by over compensating for their inferior weaknesses and causing trouble.

  14. joe

    And Selena Gomez is worried she isn’t hot enough?

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