1. Reggie Rhino

    Selena is of Italian and Mexican descent. Her mother is Italian and her father is Mexican.
    I still have to wonder just how much of this story is gossipmonger embellishment since Selena supposed travels just about everywhere with her mom,Mandy and step-dad.
    Also it seems weird to me that the images here from June and the ones that are being passed around as being from St Lucia last weekend show Selena in the same bathing suit and it is from her movie, “Capri”.
    The very first image which accompanied this story about the getaway in St. Lucia has been proven to be Photoshop’d so whose to say the content of the others aren’t being exaggerated by the gossip sites just to garner hits.
    The site that had the total group of images has had them removed by their Host or ISP , who is citing confidential and privacy rules as a reason not to discuss their removal. Sometimes you just have to wonder what is real and what is the unscrupulous attempt by a site owner or other individual to profit from a star’s recognition factor.
    Of course, if I were Justin Beiber and a chica like Selena Gomez was hanging around me all friendly like in that bathing suit, I’d be trying my best to separate her from said suit as quickly as humanly possible.Props to the kid for having good taste in women.

  2. fartsy joe

    dayum. i’d go to jail for those young titties. mmmm

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