1. aggravatedAsalt

    Please tell me that’s an “Against All Odds” “Phil Collins” tattoo…

  2. if only he could be the burning bush

  3. Bec

    Chains? Leather pants? This kid knows he’s white, right?

  4. Abby

    “Look Daddy, it’s the Messiah!”

  5. Haji

    Lessons on how to be Edgy by Taylor Momsen

    *buy Hot Topic card, but don’t tell anybody, too mainstream
    *Dress in super tight clothing
    *Wear sure sign of Evil
    *Tatted boyfriend, but denounce his dick later
    *Sidelong glance to make sure Parents are watching

  6. I seriously want to slap the white off this kid.

  7. hotmess

    Diamond encrusted Stevie buttplug sales have, for some reason, decreased drastically…

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