1. artybajardi

    Is it me or is she covering up a fat lip? In the ‘sad shot’ of her in the car, her bottom lip looks a bit busted, no? And she’s clearly shielding her mouth from the paps in every other shot. You watch: her memoir will be called, “From Bieber to Bleeder and Back.” Yikes.

  2. she is so classy

    they are so cute !!

  3. Poor Girl

    It’s so sad that the media is not letting this young couple be free….don’t they see the fear in this young women’s face?!?!?! WHAT A SHAME!!!!

  4. Aliesha

    GOD POPARZZI GIVE THE KID A BREAK, let him celebrate his birthday in peace!! le thim be with his girlfirend in peace to. gez! eho is with me!?

  5. Ashley

    Cant people give him a break? I mean he is young, Let him live his life! You guys coulda killed him when papprazi got to carried away taking photos while he was driving and you guys almost made him crash.. How would you feel if he DID crash?!
    Man.. I HATE PAPPRAZI! Go do something with ur self! I mean dont you have any dignity? Seriously.. You make a living off others pain! I hate being american… Its antics are soo sickning! This shouldnt even be legal!
    So please find your dignity where ever you lost it.

  6. Max

    give then a break. and for those hater out there liking this and making fun of them go to hell. that just shows how fake and dumb you guys are. if only this happened to you and you wud see how painful it is. dont hate what you cant imitate. thier just ppl like you and me let them be in peace.

  7. Felice

    Looks like she is hiding a cold sore….

  8. Xenobia4

    HEY, EVERYONE! Why don’t you see how it’s like to have douchebag paparazzi follow you constantly and never have a moments peace. Especially in your teens when you’re still trying to figure out who you are – the entire world wants you to be one thing or another, and you just wanna be you.

    How can people make fun of this? Has society become THAT desensitized to other people? Grow up./

  9. Blech

    Statistically speaking, about 70% of all Americans have HPV1. And counting.

    Did I scare the shit out of you? Oh good.

  10. lew

    didnt you hear? while she was in the restaraunt a “belieber” punched her in the face and bust her lip. thats why shes nearly crying… shame tbh

  11. Dalie

    the truth is that they were having diner and biebier was trying to be all ‘romantic’ smh and trying to move a little dirt with his lips and he accidently bite her, or or or he didn’t brush his mouth then she kissed him and BAMM bieber’s bacteria gives her a big herpe, i wouldn’t be surprise he forgot to brush his teeth, he’s still a kid :-x freshhhh

  12. Justin Bieber ROCK'S!!!!!!!

    I don’t care what he does I will ALWAYS be a fan!He ROCK’S!What is he supposed to do not date the rest of his life???????Let him be normal.There is no reason that he should have to give the finger.I can see why he did he could not get out I would do the same!Just get of of his buisness!!!People are ALWAYS in it!!I am a HUGE fan of him and I will ALWAYS be one!I think people sometimes need to leave hom alone!It is ALOT of work to have JUST turn 17 and be famous!He is a AWESOME singer and he needs to be able to date without people bugging him.

  13. Ashley

    i think that he should have gone out wit her without being bugged. they look cute together and she look scared and he look like he wanna curse someone out but they will get over it wen some outher celb do something dumb(not saying what he did was dumb cuz i would have did the same thing.)

  14. Selena Gomez


  15. Selena Gomez

    If you want to know the truth Justin is a bad ass and were dating now leave us alone please!!!!

  16. roxy

    They look like the cutest couple and the most authentic that ever existed. I would never think this is a cover up or publicity stunt.

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