1. Dankin

    Yeah flip off the paps, that’ll make it stop. Dumbass kid.

  2. Kara

    Twitter is literally swarming with crazy girls who assume this was the work of A SelGo hating Belieber. Also, didn’t Zeta-Jones get dealt a blow last week too?

  3. amber lynn

    if she really like him she would not be tring to hide herself

  4. Phil

    can’t he afford a car with leather seats?

  5. Nunya Biz( Bieber fan)

    GROW UP!!

  6. lala

    wow he really needs to grow up and selena should brake up with him instead of hiding her face becuse of that retard

  7. Kennedy Rae'

    Noo she hiding her face because she h8′s paparatzzii! and a paparazzi punched her in the face on these hptots so get a fuking life you stufid fukin bastards grow up yaa stupid fuckin twats

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