1. That’s a pretty badass sparkly bracelet he’s sporting there.

  2. Bird

    The girlfriend has man hands.

  3. Vivi

    they can even share jewelry.. talk about perfect!

  4. Check Pic # 5, her lower lip seems busted. Is that what she is trying to hide in all the other pictures. She is always covering her lip. FIght? Did she bite his band-aid middle finger?

  5. Abe Lincoln

    Ladies and Gentlemen the next Spencer Pratt

  6. Jerry Jones

    He probably hurt his middle finger by sticking it up his own ass!

  7. Breanna

    wow, this is ghetto like for real..hes grown up.

  8. Joey

    LOL he looks like Joran Van Der Sloot.

  9. poorlola

    Aww…she’s trying to cover up a cold sore. Too bad they managed to still photograph it. 8(

  10. Double D

    He’s like only two decades away from flying around on a private jet with a bushel of coke and some porn whores.

  11. JustMe

    Wasn’t Chris Brown celebrating Justin Beiber’s birthday with them?

  12. bieberfan

    WHY! I can beleive he did that!

    • sashane

      i can too…..i guess he don’t care about anyone except Selena…………oh wow i don’t see how she different from the other girls oh i know why she look like a doll……..u see her face

  13. The Ugly Truth

    He’s just showing us his widdle boo boo. Thats all.

  14. Dalie

    aww look at his little finger, i can guess what his penis looks like, poor Justin, how low can u go, remember selena left Nick because he had small dick

  15. lala

    selena should have broke his finger wene he put his girlly hands into the **** you sign

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