1. domeselena


  2. So Bieber married her so she isn’t sent back to Mexico for good?

    • The Critical Crassness

      Idiot, she isn’t from Mexico in the first place…she is an American Citizen by birth and besides that she is half Italian….oh yeah…and she isn’t married to the tool for Mapleleaf land ,yet! She was in Mexico for someone else’s wedding and presumably so Bieber could drool in public over her hot little bod in a bikini…

  3. Contusion

    I haven’t seen anyone look this uncomfortable since they wheeled Hannibal Lechter in on that dolly.

  4. jc

    This close-mouthed kiss doesn’t look real….nobody their ages kisses passionately with closed mouths….this is the biggest evidence that their relationship is fake……this looks like a screen kiss from those movies in the 30′s and 40′s….

  5. rachel

    ya are such a great couple

  6. Peter Wood

    The Bieber with a girl. That is just so wrong.

  7. rl

    yea tell me about it

  8. kk

    aww so cute! wat a good couple!

  9. angela payne

    you to are made for each other

  10. joejoe

    justin dang it ur so lucky i would love to been in ur shoes that day shes bangin toned and tan 100% winner

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