1. “WHERE’S MY GODDAMNED LATTE?!?! I swear to god, if I have to take one step, ONE FUCKING STEP, off my Segway, someone’s face is getting kicked in by my bodyguards. Understand? Now, GET ME MY LATTE YOU BITCHES!”

  2. Raoul

    The car, the acid washed jean jacket, the hair, the glasses, AND the Segway. It’s the Perfect Storm of Douchitude.

    • The bandanna. Fucking kid is no Tupac. OMG he’s making my blood boil. If given a choice I would rather have to be exposed to Kim Karfrankenstein than this little punk ass bitch. God, why does he make me hate?

  3. Taftytafttaft

    I hope Im not the only one thinking of Weird Al and his “White and Nerdy” parody; however, Weird Al has more class and talent then the above assbag.

  4. Samantha

    Where did the seqway come from? Did he have someone go buy it from him or does it stow away under the passenger seat?!

  5. On the set of the live-action movie, “Mr. Banana Grabber”

  6. I want to kick him right in the cunt.

  7. He’s driving a chromed car. Forget about how much what looks like a Fisker costs, how much more does it cost to get it chromed? And besides, how much of a douche do you have to be to actually want to drive a chromed car? Then be seen next to it on a segway.

  8. Justin Bieber Assassinator

    Recipe for Homosexual Douch Syndrome:

    1 Fiskar Karma
    1 Celebrity girlfriend
    1 Segway for when you exit your Fiskar
    1 Nerd glasses
    1 Wannabe cool hairstyle
    one 9 year old non-falsetto voice
    Celebrity privileges

    You just made (or have) Homosexual Douch Syndrome.

  9. anonymous


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