1. hollyhood

    pic 3 has good toe. face is whatev, but what ruins is it is that weird midriff hugging thing that belongs on jennifer love hewitt. 6.5/10

  2. HaHa

    If this was true I´d change the title to “Jb Raped by an Agentinian model”

  3. amanda

    she looks like a broke ass Kelly Bundy

  4. Brad Hallston

    Justin Bieber has never had sex, come on. Where the pics of this chicks ass?

  5. Tom

    He doesn’t have enough dick to hit that

  6. 597-M. Kallios

    Usually, no, so I bet this rumor has gotten too far in common.

  7. Jime

    C’mon! this girl is a liar!! She wanna be famous, she also said she slept with Messi, and that Messi was better than Justin in bed! hahaha lol Justin is so virgin

    • Renata

      with all the money and fame that messi and justin have, do you really think that a fugly cat like this could have any chance whith them? pleeeeeeease, so ridiculous!

  8. amanda hold

    just a rumor for publicty :0 anyone who belives in this is stupid idiots that r obseed with jb liFes GET A FUCKING LIVE PEOPLE

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