looks like a young man in drag

  2. Brooke

    Fish, this is the super hot girlfriend? Once the effect of whatever you had to drink wears off, look at this photo and try that description again.

  3. Inner Retard

    Damn it, Fish. You promised pictures of a hot girl. Now I have to pull up my pants. Well, I’d probably still have to do it because people start looking at me weird.

  4. She was born in 1995? wtf….

  5. Kris

    If this is hot, I’d hate to see what ugly looks like. Sheesh.

  6. The Dude

    Dumb face, but rad earrings !

  7. Where is the hot girl? Hell, this is not even a hot dude which I am pretty sure this is.

  8. sc4play

    Did we stay in the spray tan booth too long or is homeboy dating sistas now?

  9. jaime

    17 going on 30.

  10. Whatever

    He looks like a 30 year old woman…. Bi woman.

  11. Tassia

    she’s black taylor swift.

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