1. I don’t see nipples where the nipples are supposed to be…’TF?

  2. I guess we can hope for silicone poisoning.

  3. Cock Dr

    That ain’t Ms Gomez. I hope her shots are better.

  4. That’s one hard core gangster, now he will need is a bib and burping afterwards.

  5. Chris

    You would think that one of the richest kids in the world would have some taste! He can literally have any girl he wants. The best, most beautiful, natural 18 yr old titties that money can buy. And he goes for the trashiest, most sillicone-imploded bags of trailer trash he can get his nastyass teeth on? LOVE IT :D :D :D :D :D . I could get better at my local strip club btw. no lie. Can’t wait till this ghoulish lady gets her 15-30 minutes of fame :D

  6. I have done that to balloons at a kid’s birthday and it stings when they bust. The kids thought it was a riot.

  7. That’s terrible technique on both sides.

  8. anonym

    all the little girls are wishing they had their nipple bit by bieber

  9. Little Tongue

    Not shown: the next picture, the one in which she beats the shit out of JB for bitting her boob almost to the point of a silicon leak.

  10. Ok, let’s say he succeeds in shedding his bubblegum heartthrob image, and proves he is in a fact a real boy, etc. (They seem to be sending up trial balloons leading to a sex tape, but that’s another story.)

    What audience do they envision taking the place of the fanatical little girls? What gender and age will be interested in a naughty grown-up Justin? It seems like an entirely imaginary demographic.

  11. Jackie

    That’s not where the nipples go. ANATOMIED!

  12. Pat C

    I’m not convinced that’s really Bieber in the photo. I say it’s Miley.

  13. Vlad

    Afterwards he laughed it up singing one of his songs with the resultant helium voice.

  14. dani


  15. There’s a yang to every ying, a nipple biter to every nipple licker, a bla…nevermind.

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