1. journalschism


  2. Bob-O

    Katie Holmes looks happier than usual.

    • Disgusted

      Sorry everyone my retarded brother escaped from his cage again. He likes to play with the internet and make funnies.

  3. stacy

    15 year old girl

    • Disgusted

      You can tell You are by you stupid comment!

      • Disgusted

        You can tell you are by your stupid comment!

      • omishoatmeal

        disgusted, you are a wiener. your comebacks are lame, and not insulting enough. no one will ever side with you with comebacks this bad. “i know you are, but what am i?”
        bieb’s hair is dumb. guy’s hair shouldn’t look like they just had a cut and blow dry. it’s emasculating.

  4. NOI

    o wow
    I like him with lighter hair
    Now he looks too pale

  5. Ben Dover

    Can anyone look at photo one and not think
    this is one gay boy?

  6. George Michael used to wear an earring like that when he was young.
    How long until the Biebs is caught blowing in the boys room?

  7. Chucky D

    That’s a pretty cute girl. Where’s Bieber?

  8. TheMonkeemobile

    That’s one swanky lesbian

  9. 2Badd

    Pretty funny how some people (men mostly) are so jealous of the Beib;s fame and talent that they resort to childish comments on the web. They are the bullies/stalkers with big mouths and empty heads.

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