1. Elle

    “So, I put it there? “

  2. chris breezy boxing academy

    I bet justin wishes he could grow a mustache as nice as selena’s

  3. WeVe

    OK, just in case anyone was having doubts about his sexual preference: am I the only one noticing the ‘stache?

  4. :D

    WTF where is justin looking he is so sexy..he shouldnt go out with that skank!

  5. cgfh

    is it a tattoo on the left side of his chest, near the armpit??

  6. WOWgirl600

    Is it me or is justin bieber looking at selena gomez chest!lolz

  7. fuzz bunny


  8. sexy bitch

    Justin is such a sex lover! he is starring right at her boobs,
    does anybody see that?

  9. Gigi

    Does anyone now what that tattoo say just below his armpit

  10. get it now!!!

    Where is she looking

  11. rachael

    he’s looking at how small her boobs r!!!!!:)

  12. Selena Gomez

    I hat eit when Justin keep o lookin at my breast

  13. Sam

    This pic looks like a mom and her teenage son.. She is way more mature than him. She should be with a real man!

  14. clout

    She is quite nice justin but who is the guy ?

  15. Selena Gomez

    Listen up people. Justin has a very small penis (more like a large clit) but he knows how to hit it. Right now I can’t walk and my my vag looks like it was in a plane crash. As far as this picture, he’s asking me if I want him to buy me a larger set of tits like he did for his mom. Later that day we had a three-way with Bridget Mendler. Wow can that chica eat some taco. Have to go, JB needs his prostate milked. Love you all! Keep watching reruns of Wizards because I get royalties and this bitch needs a new car! Buh bye….

  16. jessika

    u people r descusting fucker

  17. sexy b_

    is jb penis that small

  18. joanna harris

    lol hahahhahahahahah….

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