1. Ali

    ok I get there in love and want to kiss and stuff but this is over doing it there are millions are kids that are watching these two if there going to play find the winky in the water do it back at the hotel in private, I thought selena was supposed to be a disney goodie good maybe they should put her on the E network cause im sure there be a sex tape from these two in the near future.

    • nmbn,

      i agree … but tbh i recon this is alll just a publicity stunt .. god no-one can be like that they are sooo over doing it for the cameras (publicity) also they are practicaly in the same place its like wtf …. definate publicitystunt.. i hadnt herd from justin in a while until this…. rather suspiciouse

    • HelloPPL

      You know what, these are *supposed* to be private moments. I’m sure they were alone. Paparazzi stalk them EVERYWHERE! And god God sake, they are teenagers! They are in their sexual peek. Give me a break. You can’t sit there and tell me teenagers aren’t horny or act like you are innocent. Who cares? This is what kids do now days get over it. Plus, I’m pretty sure if your kids know hot to access this site, they probably know how to access porn.

    • A Guy

      I don’t exactly agree with this, and that’s because they aren’t the one taking pictures, it’s other stupid idiots who thinks it’s fun to catch people off guard. When are people gonna realize that they are human beings and don’t need this kind of bullshit happening to them!?

  2. Caroline Gabla

    is he trying to take off her bikini top?

  3. MusicG

    @Caroline Gabla: I’ll bet he is. I really don’t like that boy…and can u believe they r doing that like in d open n stuff? if they wanna do all that stuff they oughtta keep outta sight. No sense of privacy…n if they do ‘things” in d hotel I’ll be willing to bet the bieber kid is not old enough… Just sayin. All my comments are IMO FTR.

  4. kendra j

    wat the hell….justin i thought u were better than that…..get a life…she is only using u for popularity…..ur only 17..

  5. mustache

    hey justin and selena i thought u were better than that NOW I DONT LIKE EITHER ONE OF U!! U HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO IN LIFE THEN TO HAVE BABIES… O_O

  6. MsMia

    WOW, Selena does not look like a slut at all with her tiny bikini she might as-well wear nothing at all! Justin is not old enough to have sex yet anyway! That would be statutory rape! I wonder how long Selena will be living of his fame!

    Look at the facts –

    1. Selena dated Nick Jonas just after the ‘Jonas Brothers’ had their (sold-out) World Tour, just finished their documentary ‘Jonas Brothers – Living The Dream’ and just before their 3D movie, he was her date on the red carpet, she dumped him one week after the Jonas Brothers took a year off!

    2. Selena dated Taylor Lautner just before the release of ‘The Twilight Saga – New Moon’ which was one of the biggest movies of the decade, and guess who was his
    date on the red carpet and hogging up loads of the fame and mania……Selena!

    3. Selena dates Justin Bieber during his huge sell-out ‘My World Tour’ and he is her rumored boyfriend on the purple carpet for the premire of his movie ‘Never Say Never’

    Just look at the facts, she is a fame obsessed user!

    So, what can I say, noting much, just watch out Cody, Greyson and any new artist who is making a name and mania for themselves, soon enough, Selena will be on the prowl again!

  7. Kelsey

    And people wonder why hollywood romance never lasts its because the damn haters, are relentless

  8. Unknown

    You Guys Really Think Its A Publicity Stunt When They Were Trying To Hide It So Badly?! C’mon All Of You Are Pathetic!

  9. scary 69

    he wouldnt know wot to do if she had a map stuck to her hole but god i would eat her out for hours and shag her for seconds mmmmmmm

  10. Dane

    Since when did thesuperficial’s audience include a bunch of 10 year old girls?

  11. Classified Information

    Selena is too good of a person to have “it”. I don’t believe in gossip but I sure do know it!

    - Selena was rushed to the hospital
    -Beyonce’ is pregnant
    -Avril lavigne has breakouts
    -Rihanna got kicked out of a country for making a terribly inapprocriate music video

  12. victor

    ya he is opening her bra and then he holds her and trys to take her under wear off i love her im 19 years old

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  14. Dustbin Gayber = Justin Beiber

    He’s Not Touching Her Boobs And Being A Pervert But He Adjusting Her Bikini Bcoz He Knows How To Wear A Bikini Without Anybody Noticing His Boobs

  15. crazy far

    i want to look at his nipple and i want to look jb lick his nipple

  16. Jennifer

    In the photo where she throws her arms in the air, you know they’re both really hoping a nipple pops out! How proud her parents must be! She’s right up there with the Kardashian whores. Between the two of these teen girls, they’ll be nothing in another two years! Watch the crash and burn!

  17. noughty fairy

    justin bieber has a bad choice . no taste in his mind he is crazy about selena gomez but she only goes after him becouse of his money and fame

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