1. that’s a bangin bod… which.. i’d like to bang

    • Suge

      “Bangin bod”? Really? She looks like a little girl. Don’t you prefer a more womanly body? I means she still has a little of her baby fat left. She looks like a typical CHILD in a bathing suit. Some of you guys are just plain pedophiles. There’s a reason why her boyfriend is only 17. CUZ THEY ARE BOTH CHILDREN. You’re fucking sick.

  2. kendra j

    selena ewwwwwwwwww cover ur butt a little….umm sowwie i for got…u have no butt!!!! lmoa…umm jus kiddin

  3. lala

    selena i wanna see your anus and if you want i can do sex more than justin bieber and i can do with younaked if you want because i thnk that your anus is nice so dump justin bieber and come tome i will let you be happy we will sleep on the same bed and take a bath with each other and i want to kiss your anus and i wanna see if it delicious please come and do nake with me ilove your anus and i will drink from your bebes and your anus so what do you say me you anus toether you will be my women and my anus

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