1. How's my roughing? call (718)915-0476

    sonnavabitch. He did tap that ass.

  2. celylj

    he just HAS to rub it in.

  3. Cock Dr

    They be fuckin’ for sure.
    If he’s gay & she’s the beard then they both deserve Academy Awards for their acting skills.

  4. aulray

    “let me see…. yup. usher’s is way better.”

  5. Throjo

    Looks like Jesus forgot to give him the “bros before hos” speech.

  6. Soviet Snow

    Is it legal for them to have sex?

  7. SIN

    Oh yeah. They had sex. He just can’t keep his hands off that ass and she is letting him grab it. Definate signs they did it. She is going to make him do whatever she wants now. He has tasted the forbidden fruit and now he is addicted. Nice ass to be addicted to also.

  8. iSupportJelena

    Get some Bieber, get some..

  9. mark

    she has no ass, all i see is a flat backside, shes ok looking but there are way hotter women around, plus hes gay.

  10. lindsay

    they have to be haveing sex shit even that is turning me on hahaha

  11. sexyyomg

    yeahh. she has noo ass. but shes hott.. && theress nooo fukkenn doubt that they r fukkinn.. :) but who cares they make a hott couple..

  12. oh grosss

    meh, titless lesbians…

  13. alex

    alright bieber i have a bit more respect for you now.

  14. OMG i cant belive this……i cant belive that he no’s that there r little girls that luv him and he no’s there’s gonna b paps and yet he’s doing this….i used to luv him but now im losing a lil bit of it

    • Hannah

      I tottaly agree. i love Justin but this is making me lose respect for him. I know he is 17 but most of his fans are 16 and under( im only 13) but i and many other people look up to him and this is showing girls that it is alright to do things like this and its not! as a christen you would think he would know not to do these things

      • WOWgirl600

        OMG he is 17 he is near being adlut . y do u care and u want him?i now that he is christen but all boys do that!what u want him to stay single for his hole lift
        do things like what have a girl firend by his side!so i think u should think about what u r saying!!!!

      • Maciz

        “his hole lift”
        heh heh hehehehehehehe

      • FUCKYA

        i dont think you should give a shit its not like hes fuckin miley cyrus n the dont have fuckin pouriity rings so y do u care?

      • Kelsey

        Some of his fans r older…like me and a few other ppl i almost 19 and im a huge beliebers…this should not make anyone lose respect for justin hes a freakin teenage boy for gosh sake! if u wanted to make al his little girl fans happy then he would be single and alone forever and that is not a good thing…he is happy so leave him alone

    • Lols

      He’s 17 years old, and about to be 18. Meaning he’s pretty much an adult. & that’s what adults do. So shut up, I don’t see why you’d lose respect for someone because they’re physical with their girlfriend, if you’re so disgusted don’t come here and move on.

    • RJM

      All that needs to be said here, your a jealous little girl, you want to do that with him either way, and he does a lot worse where you cant see him. its not his fault he has press everywhere trying to get these shots, just dont google his name i guess.

  15. mustache

    i lost all respect for both of u selena gomez used to be my fave actress and justin bieber was my fave singer but i dont think that now and selena hes going to dump u for some black girl after u have the baby and i would hate u selena if u got an abortion poor baby oh and IM ONLY ELEVEN IF U GUNNA DO IT DO IT IN LIKE 20 YRS

    • WOWgirl600

      hey mustache wake upppp and smell the tea!civil war is over what u saying that black girls are not good for justin bieber like my firend is black and i don’t have
      a problem with it!and i think i lost respect for uuu!and i think in 16yrs u will have abortion at 16yrs old!!so back off and u just got disssss!!bytch

    • FUCKYA

      so ur gonna stay lame till ur 30 when ur lifes like over buuuuuuuushit selenas smart and justin aint a punk now wtfs wrong wit blk ppl caz i bet u wldnt say it to my face or i would beat ur ass

    • FUCKYA

      so ur gonna stay lame till ur 30 when ur lifes like over buuuuuuuushit selenas smart and justin aint a punk now wtfs wrong wit blk ppl caz i bet u wldnt say it to my face or i would beat ur ass

  16. BAD BITCH:)

    yo mustache what ur tryin to say is that justin bieber is not good with a black girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ewww i hate girls like uuuu

  17. Ashley

    I Miss The OLD justin Bieber,

  18. Jewel

    Ashely u are talking about me im justin i add a fake name

  19. courtney dfuy

    fuck all of u

  20. NO!!

    OMG! WTF? no!!!! i hope they arernt having sez because if they are i swear imma get a backstage pass JUST so i cant SLAP his ASS! if not thoe ill kiss him! AND it IS rape even if justin agreed to it! hes 17 shes 19! few years apart i know but STILL! my friend got prego when she was 15 and the guy was 19! he went to prison for a year! i dont think ill love hiiim anymore if she be prego


    jajajajaja… fuck her ass, man!!!! don’t be shy!!!!

  22. fabian

    fuck paparazzi why do they have to get in all famouse people personal lives huh its private

    • getoverit

      Because dumb asses look at the pics and make comments. That’s why pap do what they do. btw if I had the chance to fuck Selena, they can take all the pics they want, frame em up. She one hot looking pussy

  23. paige

    dose eny body think justin bieber has had sex with a boy

  24. get it now!!!

    Get it Justin, I hope ur not gay u gained a lot of respect from me

  25. Porky

    HELL YEAH, i was never a beiber fan, but now after THIS, that lil boys tha man!! My respect for him is through the roof. Justin should really get her to Clap that Ass

  26. crazy

    looks like hes an ass kinda guy

  27. lol

    what ass?? tht bitch has a ass of a snake -___- lol

  28. christal hernandez

    hell no why justin fuck hell fuck bitch ass wow lol n bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  29. getalife

    ok soooo.i grab my gf ass all the time..not having sex tho…come real here

  30. darkCLOUD

    i wanna fuck her!

  31. Chillipepper

    Dumb lesbians what’s so great about this?!

  32. Bielibernumbaone

    This picture turned me into a Bieliber. Anyone who can tap dat deserves respect. Let’s be honest, u wish u were him right about now lol

  33. Wanker

    Roses are read
    Violets are blue
    Redtube is down
    but this picture will do!

  34. Vesper :)

    She has beautiful hair,which makes up for the lack of ass. I can’t stand either of their music, but they really do make a cute couple :’)

  35. SelenaFucker

    I would straight fuck Selena until that pussy is spittin up my cum and she’s begging for more

  36. abc

    i wanna fuck her 1000 times a day!

  37. Melissa Love

    So sad was she not a minor at the time this was taken…. you can tell she had no body …. its like looking at your young daughter being molested by a naughty boy… not nice. Have some class.. dont grow up so fast.

  38. mat

    what a fucling pervert

  39. mecca

    i was the one for you justin bieber i love you

  40. dr, sex

    What a lovie! does he realyhave to hold her butt? she’s sexy, but if he’s gona hold her butt she should wear something sexyer!

  41. selene

    ass ass ass beiber just wants her ass!!!!!!!!


  42. selene


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