1. oh i know

    ah, to be a teenager in heat….i mean LOVE!

  2. lindsay

    they have to be haveing sex shit even that is turning me on hahaha

  3. Caroline

    How sweet ;]*

  4. kendra j

    get a dam life!!! i love u justin but selena is not worth all tht

  5. Chenny K.

    What The F…!!!!! I don’t belive this!!!!!! I Am ZZo AngGrYYYY!!!!!!! Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez!!!!!!

  6. rebecca j

    really? woww… i didnt think selena was a whore but i guess i was wrong.. tramp

    • Kelsey

      how does this make her a tramp…like seriously, its one guy…her boyfriend..and they arnt doing anything wrong…so get a life

    • Lols

      You’re just another pathetic 10 year old who’s upset that your little JB loves his girlfriend. Get a life.

    • so what if they did they love each other so shes not a tramp not like shes going round doing it with loads of lads

    • Sarah.

      She is in no way a tramp, Just because of this picture, They have been together for 8 Months. Get a fucking life kid.

    • valerie

      you are just sorda really absolutely stupid. if she is making love to justin, and only justin. then she is no way a tramp. you’re probably some pathetic 12 year old with beiber fever. well wake up sunshine, he is too old for you and even if he were single, i’m sure he wouldn’t date you. making statements, without knowing the facts..

  7. PhuckPaparazzi

    why bother taking all these pictures of them to show the public when we know its only little kid/ preteen justin lunatics that will probably copy everything he does, or worse cause chaos cuz its not her (or him D: ) in justin’s arms. these pics are powerful! your playing with fire.

  8. get it now!!!

    Damn I would fuk her so hard nd he gay look at his other pics no boner in ny of em

  9. viviskulls

    OMG! that BITCH got selena gomez. GROSS!

  10. justinbeiberisUGLY

    He getin it too

  11. Rach

    Wow… You guys are pathetic… They’re doing NOTHING wrong. It’s called horseplay, not sex.

  12. christal

    justin bieber n selena gomez they have sex

  13. christal

    selena gomez ur so btich n fuck u

  14. christal hernandez

    I love justin bieber n i not like selena gomez why not like selena gomez will bitch n fuck her

  15. himan

    fuck both of them wag3eeeeeeeeeeen !!!

  16. IHB

    Are hater coming here or just the fans?

  17. dbjb

    i have gone out with justin bieber like a month or two before he started goin out wit stupoid fuckin selena gomez!!!!!!! so al u peeeps between the ages 7-14 stop dreulling al over him and ur all just jealous of selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. adfavgf

    look selena mount him! I bet selena thinking do me right now

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