1. danibea

    justin’s got a mini BONER!

  2. Lauren

    Seriously do they ever stop kissing?

  3. me:D

    her fannys nearly out D:

    • Devon

      stop fucking kissing and at least get 2 know each other i think there both fucking horny espicially selena cuz she started dating him when he was 16 i think she should be fucking arrested fuck her fuck him if i was her mom i would smack that ass really hard wait i wouldnt hit that ass she probaly has pepples ever were on dat ass bitch yes i do hav a potty mouth and im happy for dat

  4. sofi

    I love selena gomez

  5. I don’t know selena for real but i think she and justin are made for each other cuz: they love themselves,they cherish themselves and there’s a bond between the two so there’s need for them to love cuz love is just a word bu a strong feeling you can find in two! so my point is that: i want them to be 2gether forever,get married and have kids!!! and I LOVE U JB ANDD SELENA OMEZ(SG)

  6. christal hernandez

    fuck her n bitch n fuck her bitch fuck her bitch fuuck her bitch fuck her bitch fuck u selena gomez n fuck her bitch

  7. christal hernandez

    oh selena stop fucking kissing him bitch fuck

  8. beth

    wow, talk about not having any boobs…

  9. CeCe

    it looks like selena’s shorts are off.

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