1. NYC I Banker

    WHY? We all know that _ so his “so-called” man-god son Jesus is imaginary too, and they reside in the so run away from that nonsense as fast as you can!!!

  2. Sooo….his dad is gay too?

  3. The Pope

    And here’s Justin doing his impression of Ronny Cox in “Deliverance”.

  4. jeebus

    why does his dad have an “i heart mandingo” tattoo on his arm…?

  5. cagster

    Justin, even though your face says “Do you think I could squeeze one in?”, I think we all know it’s not the best time for a quick wank.

  6. MisterSuccint

    “Yes, that’s lactation. Nurse, let’s order up a genetic sex test, and a pregnancy test while we’re at it.”


    these have to be the creepiest photo I have seen on here

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