1. AL

    My guess is that she was upset that they weren’t airbrushed enough

  2. Hats off to the photographer. How many ways can there possibly be to take pictures of a giant butt with a self-promotion machine attached, but they found a way to do more.

  3. CC

    The photographer must have left his wide angle lens at home. ( No ass shots)

  4. Eric

    I’d love to see the full frontal without those stupid banners.

  5. rovingardener

    That is a shitload of airbrushing. I approve.

  6. she is so classy

    that midget is so plastic!!

  7. mark

    She’s annoying, she has no talent, she’s overplayed, and her sisters offer even less, but she has a amazing body and is very beautiful. Not sure why so many haters trash her, jealous, I guess.

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