1. Charlotte

    You are such a jerk to say these nasty things about Julie Bowen. She has had 3 children in recent years, 2 of whom were twins! Bearing children, especially twins, is incredibly taxing on a woman’s body. Nevertheless, Julie Bowen looks fit and trim. These photos were not taken very long after the birth of her twins and it’s truly amazing that her figure is this fit so soon afterwards. She looks like she’s enjoying her life and has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. YOU, however, should be ashamed of YOURSELF for objectifying and demeaning women’s bodies. You should especially be ashamed of demeaning CHILDBEARING women’s bodies! How Mean!!!

    • Briitany

      I agree with Charlotte. I have 2 daughters, 4 and 1 month and her body is rocking compared to mine! She is older and has 3 kids, kudos to her for getting back into a swimming suit! I didnt even wear one on my honeymoon (after having baby #1) and I was back to my pre baby weight… but not pre baby figure!!

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