1. …aaaand that was it? No, someone give this woman a crash course on photo-leaking.
    On a side note, man, TV studio backstages are MESSY.
    I feel way better about my place now.

  2. Wearing white won’t disguise the fact that you just ripped one, my dear.

  3. jd

    Not so much as one goddamn pokie.

  4. LG

    I’m puzzled. Seen all the pics at this point and not even a nipple? c’mon!
    Second thing: who the hell uses her phone? I am prone to believing she’s not allowed to use it and some else is taking pictures of her wierd behavior.

  5. hobieluv83

    She sure does love herself. I don’t know anyone who has that many photos of themselves on their phone.

  6. Scott Walker

    She certainly is a cute little tater tot!

  7. La'Chelle

    Will someone, please, give that girl a sandwich. She looks like she hasn’t eaten in many days.

  8. G

    She LOST HER CELLPHONE ON PURPOUSE ! what a coincidence… NEW MOVIE…and she lost the cellphone…
    I saw footloose in the past, and now I see some scenes from the new one… I WILL NOT GONNA PAY A CENT TO GO TO SEE IT

  9. C

    You’re going to talk about her popped zit?? PLEASE! Get a freakin life. You WISH you looked like Julianne.

  10. KU Jayhawk fan

    When I look at pictures, I not only look at the subject, but the background. Julianne is just a beautiful as always, but the backgrounds are pretty trashy.

  11. Teenteen

    If I looked as good as she does in the pictures, I’d leak them myself! Her outfits on DWTS didn’t cover much more.

  12. If I had pictures of me that looked this good I’d leak them myself! Nothing to be ashamed of here. the outfits on DWTS didn’t cover much more! You go girl!

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