1. Okay, here we go:
    In every picture, bla bla, black person, blabla, background, eyes, you know the drill.

  2. Wikipeteia

    I’M REBA!

  3. Deacon Jones

    She totally hates her fucking guts, look at that face shes making

    “Dem white girls take all our black men!!!”

    • sonofa

      I think it’s more like…”damn skinny as white bitch…who the fuck would do them bones!”
      Too funny!

  4. stratacat

    In the future, every famewhore will have her own black person to follow her around and say it all with her eyes.

  5. Dr. Saggy aka(jlover)

    WAIT! Nobody see that black lady in the back pic3 with the “skinny white bitch” look? Holy “F” funny

  6. bi chick

    What’s with the 80′s bikini?

  7. kate

    “…fortunately for her, I’m the only one that knows her hair is about as real as mine.”

  8. Grinder

    Look at that face the black chick is making in photo 3:

    ‚ÄúDamn girl. You be a skinny be-itch. You need to eat yo-self sum fried chicken with biz-kits wid lots of gravy.”

  9. Isa

    Is she supposed to be hot? She looks like a 10 year old girl

  10. ktulu

    Her hips look fucked up these are leaked photos? What am I missing these are fucking lame

  11. C4

    “Lookit that broke ass white girl standin’ there like she all dat. She don’t stop trippin’ I’mma put my size 9 up her narrah ass.”

  12. w23

    The reason she has an 80s bikini on is because this is a costume from the film Rock of Ages. Pictures of her in this bikini shooting the film surfaced in May.

  13. Sprmcandy

    WoW !

  14. sb

    Isn’t that Raven Simone in the background???

  15. Dra

    This looks like the swimwear portion of “toddlers and tiaras”

  16. mia

    They say a picture is worth a 1000 words…in this case only 5 are necessary…
    “You skinny ass white bitch!” Hilarious!

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