1. Dee

    Are you kidding? Is this beautiful woman, one of America’s most favorite actresses for so long a time, not quite good enough for the writer? OMG. Shut up. How can you attack her with any sort of notion that you’d win the argument? You’re annoying and shallow to those of us who love her movies and more so, who aren’t commercialized into thinking like you. Wow, you must be so buff, Rolf. You know if you live, you’re going to age. You won’t want that to be like you did something wrong when you get there. Fearful *uck. I bet you’re checkin’ your own ass in the mirror all the time. The less of you the better. I just randomly found these pictures when I was wondering how old she is from a pic on yahoo. Can she be more hot? Geez, you might want to sit next to her sometime and get a clue. The more we see of her, the better. Nuf said.

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