1. M-theory

    Naked means glorious nipples dammit!

  2. Oh yeah, not ‘shopped at all.

  3. she seems as surprised as anyone

  4. Ruckus

    Annnnnd I lost the contest.

  5. Welllll, look at ‘lainey!

    • LOL anyone who thinks Gore won in 2000 probably doesn’t depend on keen analytical abilities to get them through the day.

      • malaka

        he did win the popular vote. that much is indisputable.
        and its kind of like that time manny paquiao beat the shit out of that guy but then the judges STILL gave the victory to other guy because the outcome was just as predetermined
        as a WWF match.
        not to mention that the whole subsequent 8 year chapter of our history is so painfully embarrassing and catastrophic, that many would simply choose to deny that it ever took place.
        i personally would rather look back fondly on the way that the brave mr. secretary not sure escaped from costco and went on to defeat the dildozer before joining forces with president comacho
        in the name of freedom.

  6. malaka

    the old girl has still got a butt that wont quit.
    so cute.

    • Ivan

      I hate to burst your bubble but that’s not her body.
      This face and body have 2 completely different light sources

  7. Stop using the word naked if all the good bits are covered up, please.

    Here I was thinking I was finally gonna get a glimpse at this MILF’s goodies, about to grab the lotion and tissues only to be cock blocked by a misleading headline. DISAPPOINTED!

  8. BB

    One of my longest standing celebrity crushes. Would have killed for it in the 90s; wouldn’t turn it down now.

  9. finster

    Do you really think she has butt dimples? 53 years old. I call bullshit.

  10. Beltliner

    I think it moved.

  11. MZ MIZRY

    needs a little spellcheck i think.

  12. Nick Cage/Andy Samberg: Woooah….I’m going to steal the Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

  13. John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence NOT the US Constitution.

  14. Stinky

    I’d sign that, … if I were asked.
    If not, I would compliment the penmanship.

  15. mikeJ

    i would tap that ass so hard

  16. I’d yada yada that.


    Nasty old hag…

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